Modern Engagement Rings

Unlike the vintage ones the modern engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes. The technology advanced and allows for more interesting designs than ever before. From the different cuts of the stone to the mixed metal ring bands, there is almost nothing that cannot be done.

Although the variations are many, there are a couple of popular styles.

Three stone rings

Instead of just one center stone, these rings have 3 stones. Stones are usually the same size and karat weight, as opposed to older rings that had the center stone be huge and the other two a lot smaller and down on the band .

The stones represent the couples past, present and future and this kind of ring is a great gift for a romantic woman.

Bridal rings

These rings are actually a combination of two rings, an engagement ring and a weeding band. Both are in the same style so they go well when worn together.

They come in two styles, as two separate rings or interwoven as one. The latter is an excellent option for a woman that doesn’t like to wear more than one rings.

And in some cases even the 2 separate rings can be welded/combined into one.

Two tone rings

These rings made from two different metals, making for and interesting and unique look. Popular metals are gold, white gold, platinum and tungsten, but local artist can use almost any metal you choose.

Singular rings

The simple rings, with one single stone. Usually made with diamonds, but if you are not into diamonds other precious stone like sapphire, ruby or topaz are also a good choice.

It can make a simple statement or a bold claim, depending on the size and shape of the ring.

And remember, big stones, small stones or no stones at all, gold, platinum or both, the modern engagement ring is a statement for the future.

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